Airbrush African Mask - Steps I Took

Here is how I stenciled and airbrushed my African Mask.  This is what the final result can look like. You can choose your own colors.

First step is use vinyl to cut out all the pieces of the mask.  In the file there is a square around the mask so you can have a wider area to airbrush and cut down on some of the overspray.  In this photo, I took off the black base and all other black pieces of the mask so I could airbrush those areas black. I left on all the other colors for this part.  Note there are two other templates:  A green one and a red one.  I used paper for these templates and used stencil spray to place them.

After you have airbrushed the black areas you can now take off the vinyl that is covering up the red areas.

Place the red template on top of the area you just spray painted.  Be sure to align correctly so you only paint the areas you want to be red.

After you've painted the red, take off the red template.  Take off the vinyl that is covering the green areas and place the green template on top and paint. Take this off after painting green.

Now, take off all remaining vinyl so you can reveal the white areas.  All done.  Let me know if you have questions.  Find this file on Etsy.

Gina Stevens

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